We are immensely proud of our network of Volunteer Ambassadors.

We have built a great community of over 1,500 volunteers from around the world who have helped us deliver our aid with dignity in Greece, Cyprus, Moldova, Mexico and Bangladesh.

Our Ambassadors are individuals who have made an even bigger effort to help.

They have all made a huge impact by volunteering multiple times, by raising astonishing amounts from their community, by helping others to support what we do or by keeping the organisation running behind the scenes.

They form a capable and experienced team of 17 extraordinary people who can help drive the development of the organisation:

  • Working closely with management and the Trustees to identify how to help us do more, and do better
  • Staying up-to-date on Refugee Support activities so they can help to support our volunteer community
  • Sharing their experience online and in-person to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved
  • Taking part in events and helping others to help raise funds for our important work