Our Ambassadors

Find out what it’s like to volunteer from our passionate and experienced Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are individuals who have made a huge impact by volunteering multiple times, raising astonishing amounts from their community, helping others to support what we do and keeping the organisation running behind the scenes.

Meet some of our ambassadors

Listen to engaging episodes of our podcast, the Selfish Altruist, where some of our Ambassadors have shared their stories, insights and reflections.   

In our Help the Helpers video series, Coordinators who have served on the ground with Refugee Support offer valuable tips and learnings from their experiences.

  • Maggie Duff talks about the importance of focusing on one thing.
  • Andrew Robillard explains why ‘how’ is more important than ‘what’.
  • Dan Ransom reflects on the benefits of learning from volunteers.
  • Natalie Holmes reveals why it’s best not to take things personally.

In our series of Volunteer Stories, people from all over the world share what the experience meant to them and how it has rippled out into their own lives.

  • Gerry Clancy sums up his volunteering stints in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Maddie Holder shares how things have changed since 2017.
  • Tony Conn writes about the opportunities he found through volunteering. 
  • Cathie Amin shares a video of her work on a refugee camp.