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With your support, we put dignity at the heart of everything we do.

By providing emotional support as well as material help, our impact goes far beyond the number of food and hygiene items we supply—contributing to long-term resilience and adaptation, and helping refugees to rebuild their lives. 

Dignity in a humanitarian context is more about how support is given, rather than what is given. 
Our Dignity Centres allow members to choose not just what they need, but also what they want.
We offer a safe, comfortable space where people feel a sense of their own agency. 
“The Dignity Centre made me feel like I could belong here. The people I met showed me a view of life that I just hadn’t had before. They have played a vital role in who I am today, and who I will be tomorrow.”
Joseph* from Cameroon
"The [Dignity] Centre is very necessary for us as refugees from Ukraine. Its advantage is that you can choose exactly what the family needs. Thank you for your kindness to us."
Nadezhda from Ukraine
"I had an issue with my labour card and the Dignity Centre helped me rectify it and ensured the labour office knew it was an honest mistake. They support us with these things in mind.”
David* from Liberia
"We are very grateful to this organisation for their work, such necessary positiveness, kindness. This is one of the few places where we always go with a good mood and know that we will get the necessary goods. [They] are incredible!"
Victoria from Ukraine
"The Dignity Centre is the only place in Cyprus with an open door. For people in these situations, to be able to turn up somewhere, drop in, see a person, take advice—it’s invaluable."
Ali* from Iraq
"The best help centre, very pleasant, polite and always smiling staff, you can choose everything you need. My child is always happy to come, as [they] also thought for the children."
Olga from Ukraine
“Without the Dignity Centre after leaving the camp, life in Nicosia would not be easy.”
Marie* from Cameroon
"Simply the best, greatest attitude, your smiles, point system. Thanks a lot for your help, your team will be always in our hearts!!"
Igor from Moldova
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Our work contributes to several of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including addressing poverty and hunger; promoting wellbeing, gender equality, and decent work for all; and fostering peaceful and inclusive societies.

Find our more about our impact in Moldova in this summary, or download the full report.  

As a registered charity we publish our annual report and accounts on the Charity Commission website. Read our latest Annual Report with our activities, achievements and accounts. 

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