Leaving a gift in your Will to our charity is a wonderful way to help future generations of refugees and offer them the opportunity to rebuild their lives with dignity.

A gift in your will help Refugee Support Europe respond quickly to future refugee crises, mobilising a community of volunteers to provide aid with dignity to refugees who have suffered so much loss and offer them opportunities to rebuild their lives.

RS volunteers and supporters Bea Shrewsbury and Andy Ridyard have added Refugee Support to their will:

“Having seen the amazing dedication to delivering aid with dignity and witnessed this in action at the camps we volunteered at, when we were redoing our wills recently we decided to leave a legacy to Refugee Support Europe. We hope that RSE are redundant by the time they receive these legacies but sadly do not think this will be the case.”

You can read our Refugee Stories, Volunteer Stories or about our Projects to find out more about what makes Refugee Support Europe’s work special and how your gift will change lives.

From experience, we know we can facilitate a community of helpers to provide ‘aid with dignity’. In four years, over 800 volunteers from over 40 countries have given their time and support to our work.

Important information you need for making your will

If you’ve already decided you’d like to include a gift to Refugee Support Europe in your will, thank you!

The most important information you need is:

  • Our name: Refugee Support Europe
  • Our registered charity number: 1174070
  • Our registered address: 14 Hollingbury Park Avenue, Brighton, BN1 7JF

If you have any questions about gifts in wills and Refugee Support Europe’s work, call Chief Executive Paul Hutchings on 07768 815472 or email paul@refugeesupporteu.com

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about will-writing and legacy-giving:
FAQs Wills and Legacies

You can also download the full PDF here.