Acknowledging our shared humanity is a powerful act. With your help, we offer refugees material support and priceless solidarity.

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Your Money has A huge impact


A basket of essentials for one person from our Dignity Market


A month's food for one person from our Dignity Market


One month's food for a mother & child from our Dignity Market

Our impact

To date, we have supported over 1,500 volunteers to distribute more than 300,000 food items and 500,000 hygiene items to refugees and asylum seekers through our pioneering Dignity Market model.  

Your Donation Funds Vital Support


Your donation enables us to react quickly to changing circumstances. We can go where we are needed and set up what is needed – fast. Unlike larger NGOs, we can make quick decisions and implement big changes. 

That means we are able to change what we do quickly,  respond immediately to emergencies and crises, and set up bases in new countries.

Essentials & Solidarity

We foster international solidarity by giving people from all over the world the opportunity to support refugees in dignified, meaningful ways. To date, over 1,500 people from 40+ nations have volunteered.

In Cyprus and Moldova, we run Dignity Centres  where refugees and asylum seekers can ‘shop’ for essential food and provisions for free. We offer normality and give people stability. 


Community and solidarity are at the heart of our work, both locally and internationally.  

As well as a growing community of global volunteers, we  have strong on-the-ground networks. We guide refugees towards  organisations that can help with their diverse and ever-changing needs; and stock our Dignity Markets using local suppliers, which supports the local economy and builds bridges with the community. 

Any donation will help us create a world where all refugees can live with dignity. Simply click on the DONATE box below to make an easy, secure donation.

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