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The vital support your kind donations fund

Fueling a quick and immediate response

Your donation enables us to react quickly to shifting demands and changing circumstances. This means we are able to deliver vital help and support where and when it’s needed – fast.

We set ourselves up so that we could take quick decisions and make big changes. This way of working has enabled us to launch innovative services, move to new refugee camps, respond immediately to crises, set up bases in new countries, do something completely different and create whole new enterprises.

Our Aid with Dignity feeds spirits. Not just bellies

In Cyprus and Moldova, we run Dignity Centres that offer crucial support for people who receive little or no help from the state.

In addition to a range of crucial services to help them rebuild their lives, each Centre has a Dignity Market. It is our way of supplying them with essential food and provisions for free. It works just like a shop and it’s a world away from just giving people a bag of food. You can read how it works here.

In Cyprus we serve 300 refugees and asylum seekers in great need every week. In Moldova, it is about 1,000 every week.  Every adult can select €8.40 of food each week. It also makes it very clear where your money goes – €38 (£32) provides an individual with an essential basket of goods for one month.

Building community

We’re all about creating networks of support.

We are very proud of the 1,400+ volunteers from over 40 nations who have come for weeks at a time to stand shoulder to shoulder with refugees at difficult times in their journey. Many have created great friendships and continued to help.

And we work closely with other organisations so we focus on what we are good at. We guide people towards other support organisations that can help refugees with the many other things they need.

We also look outside our organisation. For example, everything is bought new from local businesses. This is more expensive than running a shop based on donations but the advantage of investing in the local area outweighs the cost.

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(Donations are fast, easy and secure. We never store your payment details.)

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