With backgrounds in business, John Sloan and Paul Hutchings founded Refugee Support in April 2016 to help where institutions and organsations were failing.



We love being a volunteer organisation. Over 1000 volunteers from over 40 countries made us what we are. Read their stories here and learn how to help here. We also have a large team helping behind the scenes.



We have always changed what we do, where we go and how we work quickly. To help people in chaotic situations we stay flexible and always ask ourselves how to be better.

Build community

We spend funds in the local community, we work closely with other organisations and we support volunteers to create networks of support for the people we are helping.

Why we are needed

Refugee Support was founded in 2016 in response to governmental failure across Europe to protect and support people who had fled violent conflict, a failure which continues to this day. Outside of Europe, the situation is even worse, and as a result many refugees risk their lives on treacherous journeys in search of safety.

Even if they make it to a safer country, they too often end up in terrible accommodation, barely able to make ends meet. It's not just about practical help. We need to let people know they are welcome and that we care about them and their futures.

Our mission: Rebuild lives with dignity

We believe that everyone has a right to dignity-- a commitment enshrined in Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dignity defines everything we do. It’s about respecting people as individuals, giving them choices and offering a bit of normality.

All too often, large humanitarian agencies are slow and Governments are dehumanising. Our organisation is able to respond more quickly, more personally, and in more caring ways. We can quickly go where needed, offer practical help and build communities of support they need to help them rebuild their lives.

We are contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Specifically Goals 1,2,3 and 5 to end poverty and hunger, to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being, and to achieve gender equality.

Have a look and judge for yourself

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Setting high standards

We focus on high professional and ethical standards. To support those standards, we are registered signatories of the IFRC Code of Conduct, all our volunteers need to read the Volunteers agreement and sign up here, and respect our own Code of Conduct for behaviour on the camp.

We also have a Safeguarding Policy for everyone. Our Chief Executive is police checked (DBS) here.

We are a registered charity (1174070), regulated by the Charities Commission and governed by a Board of Trustees. Our address is 14 Hollingbury Park Avenue, Brighton, BN1 7JF.

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