Selfish Altruist 6 – Ian: It’s all about the people

Ian has just returned from volunteering in Cyprus and that is now his 5th volunteering trip for Refugee Support since 2017! He has just written about that experience and appears as one of our Volunteer Stories.

Having done a lot of volunteering for other organisations, he liked the structure at Refugee Support. But that’s not what keeps him coming back – it’s the people. We loved hearing what he had to say about that in our latest Selfish Altruist podcast:

Have a listen to Ian and Paul discuss why it is also important to listen to those we are supporting. It is inspiring but also a way for them to be heard. And volunteering also offers the opportunity to spend time with other volunteers who can be any age from anywhere in the world. Getting to know and work with them is always rewarding.

We have a lot of love for Ian because not only does he do all this, regularly fundraise and do a lot of volunteering in his own community, he is part of the interviewing time recruiting new volunteers.

He’s the best kind of person helping to connect us to the best kind of people.

This is part of an irregular series of conversations building on our Standing with Refugees series. Subscribe on your podcast service – search for Selfish Altruist – like and please give us a review. We’d also love to hear from you with any comments.

Podcast edited brilliantly again by María Núñez.

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