Selfish Altruist 5 Bethan: There is nothing like that real experience

Our Trustee for Volunteers, Bethan Edwards, first volunteered to help refugees in 2015 with a very active local group in North Wales: Pobl I Bobl. Together they have sent donations around the world and have resettled Syrian families in her area. She then went on to volunteer for Refugee Support in Cyprus and when she returned, took over the recruitment of new volunteers for us.

What shines through from this conversation is the importance of community and what people can do when they come together. It can be hard work but you get such rewarding results and the people you meet make it all worthwhile.

Listen to our conversation with Bethan here:

We are so lucky to have this dedicated, calm and kind-hearted woman as our trustee for volunteers and we know you will enjoy listening to her.

Podcast edited brilliantly again by María Núñez.

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