Selfish Altruist 4 Bella: With the right attitude

Bella gives such an intelligent account of her volunteering that manages to recognise what a rewarding experience it was for her, while also prioritising the livelihoods of people.

Bella is 24 and first volunteered with us in 2018 after her first year of university. She is half-Maltese so has a strong family connection to the experience of immigration and wanted to help. Before that first trip, was not sure about volunteering but the experience bowled her over. Since then, she has completed 14 weeks of volunteering over 4 trips and been running our successful Instagram account for the last 2 years.

This short conversation with this wonderful young woman ranges over: how inspiring people can be, white saviour complex, attachment issues, personal boundaries, mental health, being thoughtful about our work, learning from it, privilege, making peace with it and how to consider impact.

Not only have the community benefitted from Bella’s volunteering but she has acquired some real wisdom from her thoughtful attitude.

Podcast edited brilliantly again by María Núñez.

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