Selfish Altruist 3 Mandie: I came back saying I want to do more

Mandie McGarry has a long career in the corporate insurance world but it was volunteering in Cyprus that made her feel like what she was doing what she was meant to do.

She describes it as one of the best experiences of her life despite it being a huge emotional rollercoaster.

It was hard work and the first few days were tough but it ended up being exhilarating:

This is the confusing and contradictory state of mind that we hear a lot from volunteers. Collaborating with other volunteers and our amazing Cyprus Director Paula is clearly enjoyable but we discuss whether it is right to enjoy helping people who are so desperate.

We also talk about her wonderful experience of giving Tesfay, an Eritrean refugee, a room in her home through Refugees at Home. And how that fits in a country where there are so many hostile attitudes.

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