The Selfish Altruist Podcast 2: Desiree Birinci

Desiree has been one of our core volunteers since 2017. Not only has she helped refugees in Greece and Cyprus, she also campaigns for a peaceful solution to the divisions in her own country.

She’s just returned from 2 weeks’ volunteering in our new Dignity Market in Nicosia so we talk about what is great and what is difficult about that.

We also discuss the deep divisions between the two communities in the north and south of the Cypriot island following the war in the early 70s and her continuing struggle to build peace between them.

After 50 years of conflict it is hard to be optimistic, so why does this amazing young woman keep going? We love this:

Even if nothing changes, at least when we’re older we can say we tried.

Podcast produced and edited by the brilliant María Nuñez.

This is the second part in our second series of podcasts we are calling The Selfish Altruist. The people volunteering on the frontline of humanitarian crises can see how valuable their work is. But when things are so tough for others, it can be difficult to admit just how rewarding it is to be a volunteer. It’s selfish altruism and we think it should be celebrated.

You can listen to the interviews we did with a wide range of inspirational people in our first Podcast series Standing with Refugees.

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