Travelling with the Honduran Migrant Caravan/ Caravan de Migrantes

Journalist and photographer Sean Hawkey has just returned from one month with the Honduran ‘Migrant Caravan’. This is a moving, intimate account of travelling with people who had no choice other than to take huge risks migrating north.

With detailed, first hand knowledge of Honduras and the Honduran people, Sean talks about what has driven these people to head north, who they are and what their prospects are now.

The drivers are a combination of climate change, extreme poverty, shocking violence and a criminal political elite. The migrants are refugees and like all refugees a cross-section of society with many children. And while they received poignant and inspiring acts of solidarity from Mexicans throughout their journey, they now face some hostility in Tijuana and across the border in the US.

You can see find out more about Sean’s journey on his website, facebook page and Instagram.

Sean has also just produced The Real Face of Jesus, a fantastic book of portraits that tells the stories of Hondurans called Jesus and their political and social struggles that you can buy here.


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