Helping the Helpers: ‘How’ is more important than ‘What’

In the second of our series about helping in a crisis, co-founder of Refugee Support Europe Paul Hutchings talks to one of our brilliant refugee camp Coordinators, Andrew Robillard, about ‘how’ you do things being more important than ‘what’ you do.

In a crisis people often need something like food or a service but ‘how’ you give it and do it is the most important thing:

– It’s about making everybody feel that they are human and that they matter
– Take pride in what you do and then how you do things will flow from that
– People in need are mostly looking for a human connection and want to be treated as individuals
– So greet people with a smile, respect what kind of interaction they want, and it is our responsibility to allow them to be themselves

You can view all the videos in the series here.

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