The Refugee Support Express – 7 December 2017

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This week:

Breaking in Bangladesh

 Yesterday, over 6,000 people in desperate need of aid at the Tumbru Camp received crucial food packages, as we carried out our first full distribution.

On Tuesday, the Bangladesh team undertook the enormous task of preparing, with the help of the local Bangladesh population, enough food packages to feed the 6,000. The team also secured a medical team and midwife to accompany them to the camp to aid and support the 67 pregnant woman residing at the camp.

The  team have not rested for a single moment during their first three weeks in Bangladesh, as they have conducted a thorough needs assessment, had many meetings with local actors and secured support from both the local community and Bangladesh Army.

Our long-term plans include building child friendly spaces, but there is a lot of urgent work that needs to be done before these plans can be further developed.

We plan to make Tumbru Camp the focus of our attention during the upcoming months, as reports monitoring the crisis in Bangladesh predict even tougher times to come for refugees. 

This is an enormous task and undertaking, but we will not be bystanders. We urgently need your help, and ask you to assist by donating anything you can today.

 Catching Up With the Camps 

There is currently a huge push to transfer refugees from the overcrowded and unsuitable Greek islands to the mainland; and fortunately, we are seeing some progress.

However, LM Village, Filippiada and Doliana camp are becoming increasingly crowded, and we expect them to become well over capacity as we enter the new year. We also predict that Katsikas will reach capacity soon after its opening this month.

Whilst the mainland camps are better able to support people than the ones on the islands, we need your help at our camps now more than ever so that we can continue to aid with dignity during these hectic times. Without the help of our volunteers, our camps would not be the strong sources of support that they are today.

Will you join us at our camps and aid refugees today?

#AidWithDignity Podcasts

For this weeks’ podcast, we talked to Refugee Support co-founder, John Sloan, about how to get started in an enormous humanitarian crisis. John and Paul founded Refugee Support two years’ ago, and have started out more than once in chaos with little more than a dream to offer aid with dignity.

Having just returned from two weeks in Bangladesh, getting started with a brilliant team to offer aid to Tumbru Camp, John shares his insight into what it’s like to face crisis with a cool head, but a determined heart.

Next week, Paul will be talking to Vickie Hawkins, the executive director of Medecins sans Frontieres UK.

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A Mile In My Shoes

Before the northern Greek border was closed two years ago, refugees fled for the mountains of Macedonia in their thousands; seeking safety and sanctuary from the border beyond.

Unfortunately, many refugees still remain stuck on the wrong side of this border.

 To raise awareness and vital funds to aid refugees fleeing and trapped around Europe, we would like to invite you to join us in April, as we take a trek through the Macedonia mountains.

Following the route that many took as they ran from the perils of the lands they left behind, this will be a tough walk and a challenging fundraiser as you walk many miles in the shoes of those who walked before you.

 But this challenge will raise vital awareness for refugees in Europe, and so we ask you: are YOU up for it?
Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contact us today at if you are interested in volunteering, making a donation, or just want to get in touch.


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