FUNdraising for refugees – great job Bristol!

“Bristol’s culturally vibrant Stokes Croft is home to The Love Inn, where we hosted a DJ event fundraiser for Refugee Support. In keeping with the tone of the venue, we went for a night of house and disco music to get everyone dancing. Both the venue and the DJs generously performed for free, bring a variety of music styles and crowds together. Despite the weather being extremely cold and wet and it being a Tuesday, we raised an impressive £150 for Refugee Support.

“Alongside the best of local talent spinning and mixing tunes, people were donating bras too, as we had included a request on our flyer! It was a fun extra that added a USP to our night.

“A mix of students and locals meant our message spread a long way and everyone was still dancing when the lights went on at 1! It was a great night and everybody who attended was very supportive of the cause, even heading out onto the street to attract more people inside. By giving out materials with information about Refugee Support, more awareness was raised and hopefully spread to friends/housemates/family too!

“We are very hopeful to do another event in the spring, as there is definitely scope and interest from local people and within our university! It was very encouraging that after the event people were asking about the next one, and we were still being given donations by people who had wanted to come but hadn’t made it.

“The kindness and support of people in Bristol has amazed me always, and we can’t wait to raise even more next time!

“Special thanks to the Love Inn and our DJs – Whateley, Chaks, Stone & West, and Seffy.Quorum!”

Satya & Savannah, fourth-year students at UoB

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