Refugee Support Express – 2 August 2018



Keeping Up with Katsikas

It’s been a busy summer on Katsikas camp. The camp has welcomed lots of new little faces not only to the camp, but to the world. It has also welcomed a new café, which is now being run by a resident of the camp, and a new play area that allows children to have a childhood.

We expect to see many more faces and projects to Katsikas camp, as building work begins to expand the camp, and double its capacity from 500 to 1,000. Whilst it’s upsetting to know that this extra space is still needed to accommodate the number of refugees still fleeing from persecution and trauma, we know that our volunteers and donors will help us support and feed these extra mouths to the best of their ability.

In more positive news, our loving supporters, in response to Musham’s story, have raised enough funds to purchase a new prosthetic that will allow him mobility free from pain. We have now ordered the new leg, and hope that it will vastly improve Musham’s quality of life as he starts to put the pieces back together.

Finally, on the topic of fundraising, we were delighted to congratulate two sets of our volunteers who tied the knot last month. Instead of presents, they kindly asked for donations, and between them, raised well over £5,000! Thank you for being so selfless, and lots of love from everyone at Refugee Support.

We’re looking for volunteers to help support refugees by joining us at Katsikas camp in Greece this winter. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us for a minimum of two weeks, please get in touch today, and check out our volunteer stories for a taste of what it’s to volunteer with Refugee Support.


Last month, we introduced our new innovative Refugee Support Business Fund in Greece to help support refugees by introducing some normality and routine back into their lives.

So far, we have some excellent proposals from residents applying for initial funding and support. We’ve had proposals to launch a chicken and egg production company, restaurants such as a kebab shop, a tailors and a mini-market.

We’ve also had some unexpected proposals, such as plans to offer services to teach language, to open a yogurt and cheese dairy, launch a bicycle hire scheme, and to set up a car-wash and perfume manufacture.

It’s exciting to see the creativity flowing and to learn how skilled many of the camp’s residents are from years of hard work in their expert fields. We can’t wait to see what possibilities the future holds for the business fund, and for each business.

If you’d like to help support refugees by contributing towards this new scheme, you can aid by making a donation, or by getting in touch if you have business coaching skills.

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Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contact us today at if you would like to help support refugees, or just want to get in touch.

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