The Refugee Support Advent Calendar 2020

On each day in December, we will be publishing an easy, fun or inspiring thing to do. Check back each day to see what’s next!

24 December

It’s a time to remember that everyone needs a home and a right to dignity. Happy Christmas to all of us

23 December

Meet our newest Trustee Gulwali Passarlay who risked everything as a boy to seek asylum in the UK. The UK is lucky to have him

22 December

It’s the season of goodwill – do something nice for one person today. You might find that you get more from that than they do!

21 December

Over 800 people have volunteered for us and we frequently hear that it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Do you have a favourite volunteering memory?

18 December

Can your local community sponsor a refugee family? Reset UK organise brilliant opportunities for local groups in the UK to help a family out of a terrible situation and get a chance to rebuild their lives.

17 December

Have a look at our colourful Annual Report for April 2019- March 2020.
It has loads of details on:
– how we established the innovative Dignity Centre in Cyprus just 2 months after arriving
– the creation of an online shop Refumade to help support our work
– after over 3 years working on 7 Greek refugee camps, we made the difficult decision to leave the country
– the events we ran to advocate for better treatment
– working alongside amazing volunteers who have come from all over the world to help on the frontline and behind the scenes
– our detailed spending
And tell us what you think!

16 December

Check out our Twitter feed where we campaign for better treatment for refugees. It’s brilliantly managed by volunteer Desirée. Follow us and be part of this lively conversation:

15 December

Find your local group supporting refugees and send them a message asking how you can help. You will find most groups on facebook if you just search ‘refugees welcome’

14 December

Subscribe to Ian Shaw‘s erudite and musical weekly podcast that is in turns romantic, poignant and funny. Listen to this one about his strange and wonderful volunteering in Calais supporting people “torn away from what was once the emblem of all cradling and safety – the family”

13 December

Get back in touch with a volunteer you met when you where volunteering with us. See what’s happened since – lots of them have made big changes!

12 December

Take part in our #ShareYourTable campaign during this season of goodwill (have a look below for some recipe suggestions from Tastes and Tales).

11 December

Make one of the delicious dishes from our wonderful recipe book Tastes and Tales! Here are some suggestions or get your own copy from Refumade.

10 December

Read a book written by a refugee. We recommend The Lightless Sky by our Trustee Gulwali Passarlay or The Ungrateful Refugee by our good friend Dina Nayeri. Both are inspiring and insightful reads

9 December

Buy something from Refumade – they are fantastic Christmas presents and it’s not too late. (If you make a donation of at least £50 to Refugee Support here you will also receive a £10 discount voucher to use on anything in the shop)

8 December

Write to your MP to lift the ban on working as an asylum seeker in the UK. It’s a stupid policy because asylum seekers of course have loads to contribute and it’s immoral because it keeps people in grinding poverty for months and maybe years. More info and an easy way to email your MP here:

7 December

Meet our wonderful Patron, Ian Shaw, and watch his latest video “about love, broken promises and the need to just be true to your core.”

6 December

Have a look at all that we have we been doing in Nicosia this year despite Covid restrictions

5 December

Like or share our wonderful Refumade video. Our Sewing Cooperative gives people skills, and income and a purpose. Every item we sell – and the quality will impress – helps us to subsidise this critical service in Cyprus.

4 December

Do you sell stuff on eBay? Have you had a big lockdown clearout?

This Christmas season and for 3 weeks only, from 1-20 December, eBay are donating a massive £5 for every £1 you donate to Refugee Support from any of your sales. All you need to do is list an item on eBay and donate a percentage of the proceeds to Refugee Support Europe (we are listed as one of their registered charities). Have a look here to see what sells well and great tips on selling.

3 December

ADVENT DAY 3: Check out the wonderful selection of photos on our Instagram and like one. At least one! Or add yourself to one of our 5000 followers and see the regular updates that volunteer superstar Bella does so brilliantly

2 December

ADVENT DAY 2: Read about Julie one of the inspirational Refumade members at the Dignity and who has been helping us from the day we arrived in Cyprus

1 December

We love Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and try to build it into everything we do: We ARE all free and equal in dignity and rights!

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