We’ve hit our fundraising target!

The day before we are due to fly out to Moldova to see how we can help, we have reached our goal of raising £50,000! This is people helping people and in the midst of so much chaos and misery, a thing to be celebrated.

This will mean we can start making a difference as soon as we arrive. Paul spoke to Susi about our plans for the trip and what we expect to be doing:

It has been a busy week trying to understand what the situation is on the ground and to make contact with all the state, NGO and business actors for when we arrive.

What we hear is that the local response is very strong, the government is doing a good job and the country is coping well with huge increases in the numbers coming over the border. But people who have responded will be getting tired, Moldova is a small country with limited resources and there are big practical difficulties working there.

These are all things we think we can help with. Please follow our news here, on facebook, or Twitter.

If you haven’t donated, you can contribute to our fund here.

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