Making a difference in Ukraine


Since announcing our intention on to help on the Ukraine border, many generous people have donated to our fundraiser and many have offered to help.

Four of our most experienced people will arrive on 10 March and then we will begin our needs assessment. We expect to start delivering our aid with dignity within a few days of arriving as more of our team arrive.

We have been offered a lot of material support but have been making the point that financial donations enable us to provide what is actually needed, but, just as crucially, when it’s needed. In a crisis like this we need to be agile and support local organisations.

We have also been spending a lot of time talking to our colleagues on the ground there to try and understand the situation. It is clear that the bordering governments and civil society groups have quickly mobilised a strong response but there are gaps and the situation is changing daily.

We are going to be busy.

You can donate on our site or on our Justgiving campaign page here:


  1. May you know that I am grateful that such organizations exist with the expertise to understand what needs are greatest and how best to apply resources to answer those needs.

  2. How can I join effort and volunteer in Poland or another neighboring country?

  3. I know your’re busy but I have supported a family that are refugees near you.
    What can they do next ? I have sent them links , $$ so far .
    Vince R

    1. Author

      Hi Vince, it is very hard to advise, the situation both national and personal is always changing. They may need to seek out help. If you have sent them money that will help

  4. Hello Paul,

    I noticed on the site it doesn’t mention any longer about volunteering in Maldova. Will you and your team still be needing volunteering?

    Stay safe

    1. Author

      Hi Rudy, we will need volunteers and when we ask them to join we will have all the details here p

      1. Is there a date for applying for Ukraine yet?

        Kind Regards

        1. Author

          Hi Charlotte, we can going to open up applications to volunteer from Monday 4th

          1. Hi there Paul, well done on establishing so quickly in Chisinău. Re: comment above, are applications now open since Mon 4th April for volunteering, or is it best to wait til the news / volunteer pages are updated to apply?

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