Setting up in Moldova

“I’ve been back in the UK after a hectic three weeks in Moldova and had time to reflect on what we have achieved there with your help and some brilliant volunteers. It’s gone well beyond what I hoped!

“I confess I was worried that we wouldn’t find a niche that was right for us, that we would be one of too many NGOs falling over each other, and we wouldn’t be able to do what we say we can do.

“But to my immense relief, we do ask the right people the right questions, can identify the gaps and we are fast and flexible enough to fill them. Testament to that was a conversation I had with our Moldovan partner who said 15 or 20 organisations had visited them and promised action but we were the only ones who actually understood the urgency and started something immediately that was actually helping.

“Please watch the video which I hope describes that journey:

Video by Bob Maddams and Paul Hutchings

“In just 2 weeks, we had created a beautiful Dignity Market supporting 1,200 Ukrainian people living in Moldovan homes every week – over half children – with essential food and hygiene items. And we have just started to see how we can increase the number we do in the city or reach people in the rural areas.

“None of this is possible without financial donations so thank you. But we also need to pay tribute to the people who – for free and without any desire for reward – brought their energy, shared their contacts, and helped with ideas. It is all the work going on behind the scenes that makes it all come together in the Centre.

“I had some very, very difficult moments talking to people who had lost family members, homes, livelihoods and futures. There are moments when I’m overcome with rage and sadness at the brutality of what has happened there and in so many other parts of the world.

“But mostly I am relieved and delighted that I am part of this wonderful community of people who are doing something to help.”

Co-founder Paul Hutchings

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