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Navigating change

Standing with refugees podcast

Keeping informed – articles we’re reading

Stomp with us in solidarity


Navigating change

We’re proud to announce that Operation Navigation has been a successful mission, and that our new website is now LIVE.

Thanks to Pragmatic and their dedication towards supporting refugees around Europe, the website now has a new look that has transformed our once lethargic site, into a speed machine that will help us aid change faster than ever before.

The message of ‘Aid with Dignity’ remains at the heart of the site, as it does with everything we do.

Let us know what you think of the new website, and what you would like to see on it in future.

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Standing with refugees podcast

How about instead of spending all those billions keeping people out, we invest in these grass-roots initiatives to welcome people in?

For this week’s podcast, Paul welcomed Richard Williams from Sanctuary on Sea to the mic. Sanctuary on Sea, a Brighton based organisation like Refugee Support, is part of a national volunteer movement that works hard to offer dignified sanctuary to those fleeing from violence and persecution.

In this podcast, Paul and Richard discuss broken government promises, the power of a smile, and the ability that our schools and children have to challenge and change the perception of ‘the refugee’ and create warm environments.

They discuss the important work that Sanctuary on Sea carries out finding accommodation for Syrian refugees in Brighton under the vulnerable persons scheme; creating welcoming environments at school and within the community; and supporting and collating a database of the many refugee-related resources and organisations in Brighton.

Richard is also currently in the process of coordinating and collating some of the many local events taking place in aid of Refugee Week (18 – 24 June) this year.

This podcast is a testament to the importance of grass root solidarity with refugees around the country, but also a bleak reminder that there is still a lot of work to be done to challenge stereotypes, and promised to be upheld by the UK Government.

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Keeping informed – articles we’re reading

We arrived in Greece just after the (failed) EU-Turkey deal to limit refugees arriving in Europe in 2016. This week, we’re reflecting with frustration on the movement (or lack thereof) two year later:

Expert Views: The E.U.-Turkey Deal After Two Years

The persecution and exodus of the Rohingya continues. Here’s the story of just one family affected by one of the most devastating human genocides this century has witnessed:

UN appeals for US$951 million to support Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

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Stomp with us in solidarity

Time is flying.

 In just a month’s time, a team of twenty likeminded volunteers will be preparing themselves for the challenge of a lifetime.

Trekking through the vast mountains of FYR Macedonia, our team will leave behind the comforts of their everyday lives to follow in the footsteps of thousand refugees who fled to the mountains prior to 2016 to escape from unimaginable persecution.

Each of our walkers have an ambitious fundraising target that they hope to raise for the benefit of refugees. Please do what you can to support them and stomp in solidarity with them for refugees. here on BT MyDonate.


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Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contact us today at if you are interested in volunteering, making a donation, or just want to get in touch.
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