Refugee story: Suleiman (Apr 19)

Suleiman and his wife Hala have been married for 10 years and have four children aged 9, 4, 3 and 1. The eldest three children were born in Syria and the youngest was born on Lesvos. Suleiman has 10 brothers, 3 of which are in Europe. The rest are still in Syria, as is his wife’s family.

They are from Deir al Zour where Suleiman worked as a butcher. They fled Deir al Zour after it had become taken over by Da’esh and the city had been flattened. Before that it was under army control. There were no schools or hospitals left and the city was uninhabitable. So they fled to Turkey then crossed over to Lesvos.

They were on Lesvos for 1 month and have been in Katsikas for just over 1 year. The family have their interview for asylum this April. They hope to go Germany. Suleiman has his truck driving license so hopes to get a job driving trucks in Germany.

On RSE: ‘All things are better with RSE – everyone can see and knows the people at RSE work hard. They respect us and that’s what makes them so good.’

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