Refugee story: Khan Ali

My name is Khan Ali, my family and I are 7 in total. I have a new born baby in Germany where my wife lives with 3 of my other children.

There are a lot of people on camp, from many countries and this can cause some friction on a camp this big. They come because of many reasons. But we are all in the same position here.

Last year I decided to make a farm around my container, other people started to do the same.
My family didn’t need extra vegetables, I did it for something to do.

I had to change my container after my wife left for Germany. So I lost my little garden.

The weather got better and the time to grow was on us. My job back in Afghanistan was working in an office. But I loved to garden.

When I saw that refugee Support were creating a community garden. I loved the idea and asked if I could have an allotment.

We started to plant the seeds in March in each of the allotments. Peas, chard, courgettes. I would go and care for the garden everyday.

I then asked if I could have a larger allotment, right along the fence.

My friend and I started to dig, and now we have tomatoes, onions and okra. It’s growing beautifully.

I would like to thank Refugee Support, Dan and John.

The shop means a lot to everyone on camp. It’s not just about food though. There is a lot happening here. Women’s classes, children’s activities, a lot of children’s activities. The cinema.

It is all happening because of kind people from Refugee Support. Thank you

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