Finding Work and Purpose in a New Country: Marie’s Story

Have you ever had to start again? We all think it won’t happen to us, but sometimes life has other plans.

Marie* from Cameroon had to leave her two children behind when she fled conflict.

There’s more to finding your feet in a new situation than meeting essential needs like food, shelter and clothing. Work provides an income, but it also provides purpose.

At our Dignity Centre in Cyprus, Marie received assistance preparing her CV and took part in  a computer skills workshop, pointing her in the right direction to find a job.

“They help us good here,” she says. “Without the Dignity Centre after camp, life in Nicosia would not be easy. I had a good job at home. I was a seamstress. I had an apprentice under me. When we worked on my CV you showed me some ways I can show an employer my experience is worth something.”

If Marie finds work, she finds purpose and can start to rebuild her life. She can also start contributing to the country that took her in.


*To protect the privacy of our members, names are changed and the photo used is for representational purposes only.

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