Fadi: Cyprus August 21

I moved to Nicosia, Cyprus from London in early September 2020. I am an Operations & Programme Coordinator and I was between jobs looking for the best way to use my free time and skills to help others. That’s when I learned about Refugee Support Europe-Dignity Centre from an online Twitter feed. I applied (through a very easy and smooth process) and started as a long term volunteer straight away!

The team was welcoming, supportive and most importantly very LGBTQ+ friendly.

We had people from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Jordan, Cyprus and many others which made the space feel warm and comfortable.

I provided support across all sections of the Dignity Centre, which meant there was always something new to learn and it kept my time there interesting and engaging. Day to day tasks included helping with food bank shopping and preparation, front desk support providing information and registering new members, running laundry/shower service and CV writing.

Volunteering at the Dignity centre didn’t just provide me with a new set of skills, it also gave me a whole new perspective on life and the challenges it throws at us. It helped me better my mindset, reconnect with compassion, make new brilliant friends and expand my knowledge on the cause of immigration and refugees, and for that, I will always be very grateful.

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