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Breaking in Bangladesh

As we prepare to soldier into the new year, determined to stomp in solidarity and deliver urgent aid with dignity, we’ve outlined our short and long-term battle plans for Tumbru camp.

Short-term plans:

Our first goal is to eliminate malnutrition and lay the foundations of trust, so that we can build a strong relationship with the camp residents, other agencies and the local community.

Following our second successful food distribution, we have committed to three distributions of 3.5 kg fresh fruit and vegetable packs per family to all 1,300 families every 10 days, sourced from the local community.

With the aid of medical professionals, we have set up an ante-natal clinic for the 175 pregnant women in the camp every 15 days to ensure the health of the mother and child is monitored and maintained.

Long term plans:

Once we have the secured the structure to meet the basic needs outlined above, we shall introduce projects that are more about empowerment and sustainability. By introducing projects, such as child-friendly spaces, we can help to nurture resilience and self-sufficiency which enable residents to recover a sense of normality in their lives- our greatest long-term goal.

This is a huge project that will require a great deal of love, time and support; but we are a fully dedicated team. We need all hands on board. Will you stomp with us in solidarity, and help us aid Rohingya refugees this new year?




 Keeping Up With Katsikas 

 As of Monday 18th December, Katsikas camp in Greece graduated to a fully operational camp, ready to welcome refugees from the islands. Last week, our volunteers worked around the clock in preparation for 500 expected arrivals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the agencies responsible for the transfer of the refugees have delayed their arrival. It is not clear why but we call on the Ministry of Migration in Greece to transfer people from the islands to more humane accommodation urgently.

We hold many values sacred at Refugee Support EU, but none so sacred as dignity, normality and respect. It is these three values that we see reflected at Katsikas, where living conditions are much better than the squalor that many are being forced to endure on the islands.

We remain ready and determined to welcome those in need of aid, and equipped in spirit to provide it with love and dignity.



#AidWithDignity Podcasts

‘It is the obligation of every person born in a safer room to open the door when someone in danger knocks.’

For this week’s podcast, we welcomed Dina Nayeri to the microphone for one of our most animated and illuminating podcasts yet. Author, teacher, child refugee and good friend of Refugee Support, Dina and Paul discuss the weight of the ‘debt’ and gratitude often attached to refugees who attain asylum; and how we can lighten this burden through dignified, respectful, and catch free aid.

A delight to talk to, Dina – who recently published a controversial article in the Guardian, The ungrateful refugee – shares her passion and perspective on our fundamental responsibility as human beings to help one another. This is a conversation that’ll challenge the way that you think for the better, so make sure you tune in.

Next Monday, Paul will be talking to Mimi Hapig – founder of Soup & Socks and the Habibi Works project

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Warm Wishes

Merry Christmas and warm wishes from everybody at Refugee Support. Thanks to you, our generous friends, we are now ordering 2,700 new jackets and jumpers to help keep the children at camp Tumbru warm.

Tumbru Camp is currently home to 2,274 children under the age of 12 and 1,146 under the age of five. Please continue to share your warmth this Christmas by donating a warm coat or jumper to one of our young refugees.

Simply go to our donate page today and type “warm clothes” in the comment box to grant a warm gift to a little one today.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contact us today at if you are interested in volunteering, making a donation, or just want to get in touch.

 Refugee Support


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