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Keeping up with Katsikas

Stack, shop, serve, repeat.

That’s the rhythm of the free shop at Katsikas camp at the moment, as our volunteers help new and existing residents spend their tokens in the shop on nutritious food of their choosing.

Following recent development work, Katsikas camp has doubled in capacity from 500-1000 people. Almost 500 new residents arrived at the camp over the course of the last month. Many traveled from horrific conditions from nearby islands such as Lesbos.

Last week, the camp waved goodbye (for now) to Natty, who has been coordinating Katsikas for the last month. She leaves the reins with Dan, who we know will do a great job as the camp begins to settle again.

We’re currently recruiting for volunteers to help at refugee camps in Greece during the beginning of next year. If you’re interested in volunteering any time from January 2019, please contact us today.


Good News For Jawad

Thank you to everyone who donated to John’s fundraiser to purchase a new leg for Jawad. We hope that this new leg will castly improve Javad’s comfort and quality of life. Your money has gone to help a person in need.

Thank you so much.

Charity of the year

Since April 2016, 646 volunteers have given their time and energy to help at refugee camps in Greece. All volunteers have funded their own travel and accommodation, and have been generous not only with their funds and time, but with their creativity and spirit.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted as Charity of the Year in the European Diversity Awards. Thank you to all our volunteers for making this possible – this award is for you and because of you.

It’s great to see how internationally diverse our efforts are. Should we change our name from Refugee Support Europe to Refugee Support International?

Here’s a chart of the wide and wonderful places that our volunteers have come from over the past two years:

Happy Birthday John

It was our co-founder John’s birthday on Sunday. Like the generous soul he is, John decided to start a fundraiser to raise money for refugees in celebration of his youth.

So far, he’s raised over £2,300! That’s the equivalent of 1 pallet of rice, 1 pallet of flour, 1 pallet of sugar, and 1 pallet of milk.

John is hoping to meet the £3,000 mark – which will allow us to buy a pallet of oil for residents on camp as well as the other pallets – so please share your good wishes with him by donating towards his fundraiser.

We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family John, and thanks for all you do.

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Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next week.

Please contact us today at if you’d like to help at refugee camps in Greece.

Refugee Support

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