Refugee Support Express – 6 September 2018




In the middle of July we wrote about Musham, his family and his failing prosthetic leg.

Thanks to some very generous individuals, we arranged for him to meet with a specialist in Ioannina and he is now walking pain-free! You can read more about his tragic story here and how we helped him here. As an organisation, we aim to support everyone on the camp but are delighted that people could jump in and help Musham.

We have since discovered that there is someone else in a similar situation and we will do what we can to help him as well.

We stand in solidarity with all refugees and will do all we can to help them stand on their own two feet.

Empowerment Fund progressing nicely

The Empowerment Fund has now fully funded seven ideas to help families gain some independence. The Syrian product import business, restaurant, bike hire, chicken retailer, dairy, mini-market and fragrances are all doing well. Another five are being helped to get started. Meanwhile, we are learning how we can support them and others.

This is a great project to reduce their dependence on handouts and to build something everyone can benefit from.

If you or someone you know would like to support refugees in Greece donating to this project, you can donate now. No amount is too small. 

A new shop at LM Village

Thanks to a great relationship with the Camp Manager and other agencies at LM Village, we now have a new shop to distribute food!

Our previous shop was tiny and now we have space to help people browse the selection more comfortably. One of the nicest things when people come to shop is seeing the whole family come together to see what they want to buy. We have already started welcoming people to the new shop this week.

If you or someone you know would like to support refugees in Greece by volunteering at a refugee camp, please get in touch with us today.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

Please contact us today at if you would like to support refugees, or just want to get in touch.

Refugee Support

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