Supporting Musham to get back on his feet

In the middle of July we wrote about Musham, his family and is failing prosthetic leg. Thanks to some very generous individuals, we arranged for him to meet with a specialist in Ioannina and he is now walking pain-free.

Over time, the leg stump had shrunk – a natural process of ageing. But that that meant the old prosthetic was not fitting properly and causing huge discomfort and pain when walking. There are also two parts to an artificial limb – the prosthetic and a silicone sock. The sock, over time, also wears and becomes an infection risk so that too needed replacing.

The local specialist, Kristos, gave Musham a thoroughly professional service and over the course of 5 separate face-to-face consultations, custom-built a new prosthetic limb with brand new silicone sock. The cost was a very reasonable and heavily discounted €1,700.

This has made an enormous difference to Musham’s quality of life and better enabled him to support his family, especially important as his kids have special needs.

As an organisation, we work very hard to give everyone on the camp the same treatment. Everyone has a heartbreaking story and is in need of additional support to help them get back on their feet. In this case, quite literally. But when we told Musham’s story and so many offered to help, we were delighted that we could help.

We are indebted to John Sloan for organising the fundraising, Dan for all the visits to the consultant, Abdullatif for the translation, Dave Wise who ran for 24 hours to raise funds and the many individuals who donated to make such a huge difference to this family.

Since organising this, we have discovered there is another gentleman at Katsikas – Jawad – who is also struggling with a painful prosthetic and needs help. Having helped Musham, we will also do the same for Jawad.

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