New operation at Katsikas camp

The authorities have asked us to be the lead NGO for food and clothing distribution at Katsikas camp. The camp is currently empty as they upgrade the infrastructure, but over the next 3-5 weeks they expect to move 400-500 people in. After nearly a year working in Greece, we know those plans can change but we’ve started to make preparations to renovate this empty warehouse and convert it into a place where we can offer great food and clothing with dignity.

As soon as we established a model for dignified distribution at Alexandreia that worked well, we were keen to roll that out to other camps. In October we set up in Filippiada and that now has a mini-market, men’s boutique, women’s boutique, kid’s boutique, shoe-tique and toy shop.

Other camps have started to replicate that model and just this week we’ve had Valentino from Help Refugees learning how we do things so he can take any good practice he sees to other camps that they support.

This is an exciting development for us and is only been possible because of our great donors and our amazing volunteers. Thank you!


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