Hotel Manthos

We’ve had to form a lot of partnerships to get our work done and one of our most important is with Alexandreia’s Hotel Manthos.

It’s critical for all volunteers to have somewhere comfortable and economical during their stay. They work hard all day and need to rest. We are all unpaid and everyone has to fund their own accommodation.

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to find a family-run hotel with enough rooms, that is very comfortable, offers us a favourable rate, and is just 15 minutes walk from the camp. The hotel has a large breakfast room where we can all start our day with our vital 30 minute briefing for the day. And it has a large reception where we can all meet at the end of the day.

That’s the hotel but the reason Manthos is our perfect partner is due to the wonderful owner Ioanna and her friendly staff. We’ve helped Anna (as we call her) by providing regular, friendly guests but her warmth and her generosity make it both a home from home as well as central to our successes.

And we love her for it.

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