A day as a volunteer from 10am-12pm: playtime, UNHCR, free ‘shop’ stock and kettles

Here is John’s second update of the day

13043237_1599887373664068_1734848968362355087_nAt 10 am we start the children’s play time. This is now becoming much calmer as the children get into a routine.

Next a morning meeting with UNHCR representative for Refugee Camp Alexandreia. We work very closely with UNHCR we try to take away from them the burdens of the daily issues that we can deal with freeing them up for the bigger issues of the over 50,000 Refugees in Greece and in the case of our local UNHCR allowing them more time for the 3 camps they are responsible for.

shop del and distNext to the “free shop” to check the daily deliveries that are paid for by refugeesupporteu.com before the shop opens today 200 ltrs of Milk, 200kgs of Sugar. 11 am shop opens for 2 hours for tent rows C and D

Next my daily walk round camp to say “hello” and listen to any problems while our amazing volunteers look after the shop. The 200 new kettles we distributed and we’re donated by BRIDGE2 Guernsey are proving a big hit.

13087491_1599887600330712_9185375839818143039_nOne of the best places to visit and mix with the Refugees is the Phone Charging Point. It is now 12 am and getting very, very hot!!



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