A day as a volunteer before 10am: hotel briefing, optician, medicines and working with the army

Today, one of our founders, John Sloan, will be doing a diary of his day working at the Refugee Camp Alexandreia to give a flavour of what we do.

We are all staying at a local hotel that is very nice where we have negotiated special rates for volunteers. Nice air-conditioned rooms and ensuite.


glasses and medicineWe all meet at breakfast and discuss the plan for the day and then go to camp for 9am. For me first thing this morning I have to go to the optician and try and get some glasses repaired for a 9 year old girl. This will be about the 5th pair I have taken. I have collected some prescriptions from the medical centre to take to the pharmacy, we pay for all the prescription medicine at present as the Army have not been allocated funds for this.

I arrive at camp and have a meeting with the Army so I can hear their problems 13043781_1599857917000347_4662356472235153479_nand try and help and they can hear ours and try and help. This morning 2 local teachers are here who would like to help in our school project so that is great, I showed them the building we will convert.

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