What We Do

We provide refugees with much-needed material support while offering them stability, solidarity and a sense of normality.

How We Do It

Dignity knows no borders.

Our pioneering Dignity Centres provide a safe, welcoming space where refugees can choose food and hygiene items, just like a normal shopping experience.

Our volunteers are kind and friendly, and they genuinely care. 

We work closely with local communities and organisations to create an ecosystem of support, so that the benefits continue long-term.

Joseph: Finding Community & Belonging

“Before I came to the Dignity Centre, I had a different mindset about other people,” Joseph says. “When I came to the centre it changed. The centre made me feel like I could belong here – the volunteers treat us like we have a right to be here. It’s a space where there is no discrimination. It helped me to understand other cultures and other values. It gave me a good network and understanding of the difficulties and differences we all face as a community.” 

Powered by Volunteers

At the heart of Refugee Support are our volunteers—people who care from all over the world. We provide an immediate and life-changing way for them to show solidarity with refugees and make a real difference.

We understand volunteers’ needs, prioritise their wellbeing and provide a supportive environment to maximise impact on all sides.

Gift A Donation & Get A Free Cookbook For You And Your Loved One

Give a meaningful gift with our special cookbook offer.

Make a donation on behalf of a loved one, and we’ll send you and them a copy of our beautiful cookbook, Tastes & Tales From A Distant Homeland

It’s a wonderful collection of authentic recipes, inspiring thoughts and heartfelt stories from refugees from the Middle East and Africa—featuring the dishes that they miss from home.