The Dignity Centre in Moldova is Reopening on 3 July

EXCITING UPDATE: Thanks to renewed funding from our wonderful funding partner, Action Against Hunger (ACF), the Dignity Centre Chisinau will reopen on 3 July.



We’ve been supporting Ukrainians in Moldova’s capital, Chisinau, since March 2022—just weeks after the war broke out. More recently, we’ve also been helping vulnerable Moldovans, who have been profoundly affected by the situation across the border. 

Action Against Hunger has been instrumental in allowing us to make a real impact—providing essential material support to those in greatest need, while giving people a sense of agency and normality

Since opening, we’ve served almost 58,000 people and distributed €328,000 worth of food and hygiene items.  

We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from members of the Dignity Centre, and are proud to be part of the community of solidarity that’s emerged over the past year or so.  

Now our grant from ACF has come to an end, from 3 June we’ll be closing the Dignity Centre Chisinau for the summer. The good news is that another round of funding is in the pipeline, and we plan to reopen in the autumn to support people through the winter and beyond.  

As a small organisation, we can be dynamic and responsive. This summer we’re exploring where else in Europe we can make an impact—stay tuned for more details, as well as ways you can support us and get involved.  

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