Selfish Altruist Season 2- Bringing back some balance

We’re launching our second season of the Selfish Altruist!

For the first episode, Paul talks to Pete Greenburg, a former F-16 fighter pilot with the US Air Force. No longer in combat, he has just spent the last 6 months volunteering with humanitarian organisations in Ukraine, including two tours of duty with Refugee Support in Moldova.

Pete, like many volunteers, just felt compelled to help on the ground in Ukraine when the Russian army invaded in February. All his former colleagues have swapped flying in combat and now flying civil airlines so what was it about him that led him down this path? He has always closely followed events in the region, he had the opportunity, and there was the encounter with a bald eagle….

But there is a deeper, more moving and deeply personal journey here about bringing some balance into his life. 

There could hardly be a better example of what it means to be a Selfish Altruist.

Podcast brilliantly edited by María Nuñez.

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