Talking to the European Student Think Tank

We’ll be starting a new season of Selfish Altruist podcast soon but in the meantime, very happy to speak on others.

Writing can be a fairly arduous task and talking about what we do can be a lot easier. Hannah Kleine volunteered in Cyprus last year and then gave Chief Exec Paul Hutchings the opportunity to talk about our work in the European Student Think Tank podcast.

We talk about what we do, how we do it and why dignity is so important. Then we broaden it out to some of the political issues and Paul goes into a rant about European border policy! He remembers 20 years ago in the early days of social media how all that was going to bring the world together. How wrong was he! We are more divided and hostile than ever.

That’s why it is important to seek out people like you and do something, anything, to help. Big change can grown from small actions. Have a listen:

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