Sara and Rozhin

Kids struggle to say what they’ve been through. Sara, who is 11, and her younger sister Rozhin are refugees from Aleppo in Syria. They are delightful intelligent girls who are now residents on the camp with their father and younger brother.

They like to draw pictures and speak English so this week they decided, by themselves, to write a book and illustrate it.

The book is about them so they are calling her story: “Kids at War”.
It gives us an insight into the suffering they have endured.

‘In some morning, like any other morning, I wake up and have breakfast and go to the school. But in this morning I listened a sound. Very scary sound. I didn’t know what was the sound. But now I know what was the sound, it was a high sound, like BOOOM. When you listen this, that’s a lot of people lost their families, their kids, their friends. It’s not easy and if you don’t lost them, you live away from them. Like my friend she losted her brothers. My another friend, she is along way from her mother.’

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