Volunteer Travel and Accommodation

This information is to help you plan your trip. Each location is different so please ensure you read the section relevant to you.

Nicosia - Cyprus

We are excited you are joining in our efforts to provide aid with dignity in Cyprus! Below is a list of info and links to help you plan your journey to Nicosia. Please read all the way through as there will be helpful information throughout the entire document.

Covid-19 Situation

While things have become a lot easier, this is always subject to change. Please check your own country’s restrictions and be aware that the government restrictions can change at short notice.

Arriving in Nicosia

*Please arrange independent travel into Nicosia as there will not be someone available to pick you up from the airport.

From Larnaca Airport:

Kapnos Shuttle Bus runs 24 hours a day and costs around 8 euros per person (takes 40 minutes). Once it drops you at the edge of Nicosia, you can take a taxi to your accommodation.
Link to Kapnos Bus Shuttle Schedule: Larnaca – Nicosia (HERE)
Note: Neither Uber nor Lyft operate in Cyprus. BOLT is a good alternative or there is also VIPS Taxi +357 22318318

From Paphos Airport:

Kapnos Shuttle Bus also runs from the Paphos Airport to Nicosia and costs 15 euros (90-minute bus ride), but is not 24 hours and has a limited schedule which you can check out (HERE)
If you are flying in late into Larnaca or Paphos we recommend spending the night there before onward travel into Nicosia, we cannot guarantee there will be a taxi available in the late/early hours to take you where you need to go.


Volunteer Apartment
We have a large, comfortable and safe shared apartment just for volunteers close to the Centre. It has 2 bedrooms, where each room has 2 beds, and 1 bed in the living area. You will probably be sharing but we will not book you into a room with a different gender.

It has a lounge, kitchen, washing machine, heating and air-conditioning. Bring your own towel.

The address is: Vasilissis Friderikis 34, Apartment 401, Postal code 1035, Pallouriotissa

The cost is €12 a night (€10 until 5th Sept) which you will need to give to the Coordinator.

If you would like to stay in the apartment you must email accommodation@refugeesupporteu.com to book one. And you will not be able to book a bed until you have confirmed your volunteering with the office. You will not be able to stay unless you book in on this email address!

You may stay on the night before your volunteering, and one night after your volunteering. Unfortunately, demand for the beds is very high so you will not be able to stay before or after your volunteering.

Please remember, this apartment is there to help with accommodation but we are not running a hotel or hostel service. Our focus is on the Centre and its members.

If you are going to arrive after 10pm, you will need to find your own accommodation for that night.

Other Accommodation

There are many Airbnb’s in the area ranging from 25 euros for a private bedroom to between 30-60 euros for an entire apartment. You should also check out agoda.com or booking.com for good deals on hotels and hostels.

Locations to look for an apartment, hotel etc.:

The red circle (on the map on the PDF linked below) is the old town where much of our work will be. The dotted line that runs through the Old Town (and beyond) is the UN buffer zone between the Cypriot side (south of the line) and the Turkish side (north of the line). Staying south is easier but there is no problem to cross the border (you will just need to allow a little more time). For more information on the border and why it is there check out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Buffer_Zone_in_Cyprus

We recommend looking for a place to stay either within the Old Town city walls or in the blue circles below. Anywhere close to roads B1 and B14 will put you near convenient bus routes that can take you into the old city.

Dignity Centre

Our main work will be based out of the Refugee Support Dignity Centre on Perikleous within the old city walls.
Find us on Google Maps at: https://g.page/TheDignity?share

Getting Around Nicosia

Much of Nicosia is easily walkable especially inside the Old City walls. There is however an extensive bus system in Nicosia to make getting around much easier outside the old centre. Check out bus routes HERE.

BOLT works well in Nicosia. Download the app. They are relatively inexpensive

PDF download of this information is available HERE

Chisinau - Moldova

Address: Boulevard Yurii Gagarin 7, num 62 https://maps.app.goo.gl/KVyf1TXdRiocKhig7

We work from Monday to Friday (9.30am to 5pm), and Saturdays from 9.30 am to 1pm.

Before Leaving

Make sure you are on the Volunteer WhatsApp group before you leave so you can coordinate arrival times (ask Paul or Hannah to add you 2-3 days before arriving).

Mobile Data

Using the Moldova network without a Moldova SIM is VERY expensive or sometimes it doesn’t work. So don’t use mobile data until you get a Moldova SIM (which are cheap).

To communicate with the volunteers when you arrive, you may not be able to send SMS. If you need the internet get some Wi-Fi from a local café or restaurant (they all have it) and use that to communicate on WhatsApp with the team.

You can buy an ORANGE sim at the airport, or in any kiosk or Orange shop in the city. For 29MDL (less than 2 euros) you will be able to have data for 2 weeks with calls included.


YANDEX GO and ITAXI are the two best companies to get a taxi. You will need a Moldovan phone number to be able to ask for a taxi.

Ways to Arrive to Chisinau


You will find flights direct to Chisinau (Moldova), or you can fly also to Iasi or Bucarest, and get a bus from there. Flights to Chisinau airport can be disrupted so check with the airport website (https://airport.md/en). There are a range of cheap and large airlines that fly direct to Chisinau

Travel from Chisinau airport
− The airport is less than 10 miles from the city so very convenient.
− A taxi from the airport will cost about 300 MDL (10-15 euros).
− You will need to find a taxi that will take you for cash (agree the price before going). Most of the taxi drivers accept also euros.

Coach from Romania 

Iasi (pronounced Yash) or Bucharest in Romania run regular bus services to Chisinau (Iasi is a shorter bus journey of 3 hours, Bucharest is about 6hours).

− Ensure you book your bus via SVS directly

− Chisinau has three different bus stations, so check well to which one are you arriving.

− The bus will stop where you ask. You can ask them to be dropped in the city centre, at UNIC mall. It will be a short walk from there to the accommodation and there are many cafes and restaurants around (with wifi).

Train from Iasi, Romania

Tickets can be booked online via https://www.railway.md and are inexpensive (c. £7 for 1st class one way). You would use the secondary station (Iasi-Socola) from Iasi. This is reached by a bus from the airport or town centre, but is also easily reached by an inexpensive taxi. Only use licenced taxis from outside the airport. Trains arrive/depart in Chisinau very close to the Dignity Centre

Train from Bucharest, Romania

This runs 3 times a week and takes 13 hours but is a good journey. It includes 1 hour at the border while they have to change all the wheels…. (by design to prevent East-West invasion during the cold war).

Car Hire

Cars can be useful but not necessary.

If coming from Romania you will need to check that you can drive it into Moldova. Not all car hire companies allow you. This one should https://romaniarentacar.eu/

Staying at the Volunteer Apartment

We have an apartment that can take up to 6 volunteers

It is safe and comfortable, with a kitchen, lounge, 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets and washing machine. All bedding and a small towel are also provided.

To book a bed here, first make sure you have had confirmation about your volunteering. Once you have that, you must email accommodation@refugeesupporteu.com to book a place. You will not be able to stay unless you book in on this email address!

First come first served and please remember that our focus is on running the Centre, not running an efficient hotel booking system

The cost is €10 a night. The cost of the portion of your stay is due on your first day working with us, we ask that the amount is paid in full at the beginning of your stay. Please pay online via our website. https://www.refugeesupporteu.com/donate/

Location of the Volunteer Apartment and Arrival

The apartment is 10-15 minutes walk from the Dignity Centre Chisinau. And not far from Stefan Cel Mare boulevard and the city centre.

Address: BOULEVARD CONSTANTIN NEGRUZZI 2/6 (Apartment 11) (https://goo.gl/maps/CEUcE3k67paBCuwx9)

Contact the volunteer group on Whatsapp to let them know about letting you in to the house. If you are going to arrive after 10pm, you will need to find your own accommodation for that night

Other Accommodation

There are a lot of hotels and some AirBnBs to choose from. The Centre is right in the heart of the city close to the main bus station:


If arriving via Romania and taking the bus, it’s helpful to have some Romanian currency, all airports have cash machines.

In Moldova, most expenses will be cashless except trolleybus, tips and the odd smaller coffee shop. You can use cash points to withdraw a little cash

Day Off

Old Orhei is about an hour out of town. https://www.visit.md/en/tour/stary-j-orhej/ You either need to hire a car or go with an organised trip.

Lots of museums & parks in town.

Central market worth a visit but less so for souvenirs. (Piata Centrala)

PDF download of this information is available HERE

Welcome to Refugee Support Europe

Thank you for joining our efforts to provide dignified support to people on the move. Below you will find guidance, information and links to help you plan your volunteer period with us.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Refugee Support Family!

Before leaving

Before you leave, email the Office with your telephone number. We will add you to the Volunteer WhatsApp group so you can coordinate what to do when you get there.

Be mindful of your arrival time. If you are due in at the weekend or Monday morning, consider emailing the Office the Friday before departure.


Please ensure you check the relevant, official Government guidance regarding Covid-19, as rules and restrictions can change at short notice.

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