Honing our Humanitarian Leadership Skills

As a dynamic organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, we were excited to have two of our Senior Coordinators participate in an industry-leading humanitarian leadership training programme, as part of an ongoing collaboration with our funding partner Action Against Hunger (AAH).

Designed for those with experience working in conflict, disaster and crisis settings, the programme offered insights to navigate the disaster response system, as well as expand capabilities to lead teams and organisations in rapidly evolving contexts, and leverage networks to influence change.

Paula and Summer at our Dignity Centre in Moldova

Our Operations Director, Paula Tamarit, who has over 20 years experience as a consultant and auditor in the private sector and is currently studying a Master’s Migration and Social Intervention with Migrants and Displaced People, said:

“It was great to learn from experienced leaders who have a wealth of knowledge working in the sector. They shared some really useful advice and insight that, once implemented, will serve our stakeholders well and enhance the quality of our work and services.”

And Summer Koplin, our Project Coordinator, who has co-owned businesses and brings a wealth of management experience to our projects, said:

“I found the teamwork element particularly inspiring. On the last day we were assigned a case study to work through in groups, and I learned a lot from how we worked together to solve a scenario by harnessing the diverse strengths of each individual.”

We’re grateful to AAH for inviting us and covering the costs of the training, and for the opportunity to continue developing our humanitarian leadership skills in a formal setting alongside local and international peers and experts.


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