Extraordinary People Standing With Refugees

We are totally reliant on volunteers to deliver our services on the camps and they do an amazing job.

We also want to recognise publicly the many individuals and organisations who help us with everything else we do by offering their talents and resources for free:

  • Chris Pink – created a customised database solution for us to manage the 1000+ volunteers who have contacted us and is always available to keep it running smoothly
  • Ellie Kostick, Letitia Garcia, Sarah Thorne, Paula Tamarit, Emilie Ruddick – who manage all the volunteer applications and interviews
  • Elsie Harrison – who runs our follow-up volunteer feedback programme, all anonymised and critical to our continuous improvement (74% rate the experience as Excellent and 21% as Good)
  • Frederica Cerqueiro – who has grown our Instagram to over 2000 followers and also supports volunteer fundraising
  • Andrew Robillard – after serving as one of our long-term volunteers is now growing our Twitter account
  • Origin8Creative – run by talented designer Andy Mattock who has created our logo, T-shirts, posters, business cards and leaflets
  • Sabcat – that prints out volunteer and donor T-shirts at cost
  • Rhys Evans – digital whizz who tweaks our online performance and online marketing
  • Gooroo – creative and advertising genius Bob Maddams who has created and edited our early videos and came up with our well-loved #aidwithdignity hashtag
  • Al Berro – Victor Suarez volunteered on the camp and created one of our videos. Then he came back (at very short notice) and created 4 more!
  • Vervate – Susi Doherty edits and sends out our important monthly newsletter that gets mailed to 2,000 of our supporters
  • Ian Campbell – worked incredibly hard in the early days to take all those paper receipts and get our finances in order
  • Bea Shrewsbury – one of our trustees who has revolutionised our book-keeping and finances with Xero so that we are now right on top of all spending and reporting
  • Mike Cooke and Rana Toukan – our other two trustees who are such a wise source of support
  • Brandwatch – a dynamic software company that allows us the use of all the facilities, surrounded by friendly and talented people in their very well-equipped UK office
  • Manthos Hotel, Marathia Hotel, Ionian Hotel, Dmitrio, Yannis, Giorgios, Eva, Gary and Panagiota Farmaki in Greece – that have gone well beyond the call of duty to care for the welfare of our volunteers and help us navigate the (complicated) Greek system

And as we prepare for our speaking tour across the UK in October, this is also a good opportunity to recognise the many groups and individuals who have organised in their communities to raise funds, collect items and raise awareness in support of refugees.

To all of these people and the many others who have supported us – thank you. We could not have done what we have done without you.

Their only reward is to help and that is both humbling and inspiring.

Together we are stronger.

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