As we approach 6 months in Greece


Here is a short presentation describing what we have done after 6 months and how we do it. it.  We talk about the distribution system we run, social and physical activities we organise, our volunteers and supporters and why, in turn, we want to support the local Greek economy as well the refugees.

It is difficult to squeeze everything into 5 minutes!

We’d like to give special thanks firstly to all the amazing volunteers who have come to work with us entirely at their own expense and been a part of everything we do today.

And secondly to all those generous donors who have trusted us, particularly Help Refugees and Bridge2.



  1. I have taken a year off to support this cause. I am studying medicine and helping the others is the driver of my life.
    I have worked with help refugees, an NGO, in Calais, a couple of weeks ago. I would like to do more and go for undetermined amount of time. Since calais is being dismantled, where is my help needed the most?

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