Refugee stories: Marco

This is Marco from San Pedro Sula in Honduras who had a good life working in the merchant navy and sending money back to his wife to provide for their 5 year old and 9 year old daughters.

Then his oldest daughter innocently got tangled up in some gangland turf dispute on her way to school that threatened her life. Marco left his job and returned to Honduras to plead with the gangland boss that he keep his daughter out of any gang business but was told “You and your family belong to me. You will do as I say or I will kill you and your daughter.”

Fearing for her life, Marco decided to move with his family to a remote village in the mountains. While he was moving out, the gang tried to kill him. He was shot in the leg and the bullet is still lodged there. He showed me the scar. Now he is sleeping on the street in Tijuana looking for a way to get to Canada because he knows he can work there and send money back to his family.

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