How To Fundraise Like A Pro: A Guide For Volunteers & Supporters

Fundraising can seem daunting, but once you get started you’ll be inspired by the response—we promise. 

In our experience, there’ll be people in your network who are looking for a cause like ours to support. Think of it as doing them a favour!

What’s more, fundraising is a great way to raise awareness of the plight of refugees, and to let people know that there are meaningful ways to show solidarity. 

This guide provides lots of resources to help you fundraise creatively and successfully. As a small, efficient organisation, we can guarantee that every pound you raise makes a real difference.

Contact our Fundraising Manager, Natalie, on at any time for help, ideas and support. 

I was wary of asking for donations, but was pleasantly surprised when I finally did—raising much more than I ever expected. One friend made an extremely generous donation, and said that he wished he could volunteer but didn’t have time. He was grateful to be able to contribute.”  —Tony, volunteer (pictured below, left). 

Ideas for Fundraising

The sky’s the limit when it comes to fundraising activities. Here are some suggestions to get you started—all of these have been tried & tested by our volunteers and Ambassadors with great success:

  • Ask your community to donate used books and sell them. 
  • Run a raffle and ask local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Host a cake sale.
  • Host a quiz night and ask for donations or a joining fee.
  • Host a clothes swap and charge a small entry fee.
  • Have a clean-out of your stuff and do a boot sale.
  • Take part in a sponsored sporting event or challenge.
  • Host a dinner party and ask guests to donate.
  • Ask your local pub or club to sponsor a music night.
  • If you’ve volunteered before, arrange to give a talk to a local community group or organisation.
A team of Refugee Supporters at the Lake District Ultra Challenge.

How To Set Up a ‘Just Giving’ Page

  • Go to and click on ‘Fundraise for us’.  
  • Fill in your details in to register on the site. 
  • When it asks, ‘What are you doing?’, pick the most relevant option. 
  • Fill in the details describing your fundraising. You can use or adapt the text from our About, Impact and How To Help  pages, or copy and paste the info from the ‘About Refugee Support’ section below. 
  • Click ‘Yes’ to claim Gift Aid and create the page.
  • Feel free to change the cover photo using your own image or select one from our Nicosia and Bournemouth albums.
  • Click ‘Edit your Page’ to set a target, add in a personal summary and change the default text in ‘Your story.’  
  • Tell the world by sharing your page by email and on social media.

How To Set Up A Facebook Fundraiser (if available in your location)

–  Log in to Facebook.
– On the left-hand menu, click ‘Fundraisers’. (If you can’t see it, click See more.)
– On the left-hand side, click ‘Raise money’.
– Click ‘Charity’.
– Search for and select ‘Refugee Support Europe’.
– On the left, enter: Your fundraising target amount and your preferred currency (the one most of your supporters will use).
– Click ‘Create’.
– From the pop-up, invite your friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your feed and make a donation yourself.

About Refugee Support

You can use or adapt this text for your fundraising page or platform:

Refugee Support operates Dignity Centres in Chisinau, Moldova, and Nicosia, Cyprus.

In the Dignity Markets, which are modelled on a shop, members can ‘spend’ their weekly allocation of points as they wish.

What makes Refugee Support different is the emphasis on providing a sense of normality, stability and agency—as well as essential food and hygiene items.

To date, more than 1,500 people from over 40 countries have volunteered to show solidarity with refugees in dignified, meaningful ways.

And, as a small, efficient organisation, Refugee Support can be dynamic and responsive—and ensure that your money goes straight to where it’s needed.

Keep Sharing Your Journey

People love to follow your volunteer journey, so be sure to share updates throughout your experience via your fundraising page and on social media—and always include an ask and/or link to your campaign. The more personal reflections you share, the more people will be inspired to donate—including after you get home. 

As one of our most successful and consistent fundraisers, Gerry, says: “People are reassured when they hear that volunteers pay all their own costs and that all donations go directly to meeting the needs of refugees.” Your updates help communicate and reiterate this key message. 

Remember to include photos with your updates, and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (But please never photograph Dignity Centre members without their express permission.)

Thank You, Good Luck—And Enjoy!

Your support makes everything we do possible, and any amount makes a difference.

Download our Supporter Fundraising Pack now.

Stay in the loop and get ideas by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Contact our Fundraising Manager, Natalie, on at any time for help, ideas and support. 

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