Annual report 2021-22

A strong year and ready for growth

We made some big changes in our year 2021-22 as we emerged from the pandemic. We refocused our energies on 2 things:


All with dignity and solidarity at the heart of everything we do.

Please have a look at our annual report. All the year’s achievements and developments are nicely illustrated. 

  • We changed our operation in Cyprus where we supported 1500 people with a critical ‘welcome pack to rebuild lives’
  • Converted a derelict building in Greece into a thriving new Dignity Centre
  • Settled a Sudanese family from a Jordan refugee camp to the UK
  • As the year closed, opened our biggest  operation ever in Moldova serving over 1000 Ukrainians every week


Largely due to the huge  support of our Ukraine appeal we more than doubled our fundraising and at the same time kept our operating costs the same.

The report runs until March 2022 so much has also happened since then. That is for next year but 2021-22 was the year we made the changes needed to do more, for more people in more places.

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