Ioannina Dignity Centre


We have revived the Community Centre in Ioannina city centre which has been closed for 2 years.

This used to be a bustling place for refugees and asylum seekers to receive critical services so the ideal location for us to restore that lifeline on our return to Greece.

The timing is ideal as Government support continues to be cut back and increasing numbers of refugees are left on the breadline. As at January 2022, all support for refugees is withdrawn one month after they have been given leave to remain with next to no prospect of employment. The IRC estimates that over one-third of refugees in camps are going hungry.

We are now offering very similar services to our Dignity Centre in Cyprus although there is a lot of space for many other services to operate there. We worked hard to make it look great for opening in February 2022. You can see what it looked like when we took it over in this video tour.

This quick video shows how we have transformed it:

It’s all about the details:

We currently serve over 500 refugees and asylum seekers with free food every 2 weeks. Over half are from Afghanistan and none are in receipt of any support from the Greek government: