Helping the Helpers: Getting started

We are witnessing a huge community response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Health systems are being overwhelmed in some countries. And they are likely to get overwhelmed in many more before there is effective treatment, a vaccine or widespread immunity. Communities are rising to the challenge. In the UK, many hundreds of local groups have sprung up, and in just 2 days, over 500,000 have registered to volunteer for the NHS!

Volunteering or helping others, call it what you will, is one of the most rewarding experiences you can do and it can even change your life. Over the last 4 years or so we have had over 850 volunteers from well over 40 nations working with us in the most difficult humanitarian crises. None of them will say it was easy, all of them will say that it was rewarding. Check out some of their stories here.

All those volunteers and all the people we were helping have taught us how to be more effective. Maybe some of what we’ve learnt could help you if you are thinking of volunteering or if you are already involved? We think it could – we made plenty of mistakes learning it!

So we have put together a series of short videos together with some of the amazing people we have worked with. Each one is about one thing we learnt that we hope will help you help others.

In the first of our series to Help the Helpers, co-founders Paul and John talk about how you can get started.

– It can be overwhelming but you can’t help everyone – accept the fact that you can’t help everyone but you can make a difference to one person and that is fine!
– Find other helpers and work together
– Just get started and the help you offer will adapt and develop
– Volunteering is very satisfying and it will help you as much as it helps others
– Look after yourself, be realistic and work within your limitations or you will burn out

Tell us what you think, ask us anything, please like and share this video!

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