Beyond Expectations: Wrapping Up Our Work in Türkiye (for now)

As a small and dynamic organisation, we know our strengths. We’re quick to respond, efficient and adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances. Even so, when we first arrived in Türkiye, we were unsure of how we could make a difference in the face of such widespread devastation.

Within a few days, however, we’d found our rhythm and, thanks to the insight, enthusiasm and expertise of the local people and organisations we partnered with, we began to see where we could make an impact—and got to work straight away.

What we achieved in Türkiye surpassed all our expectations. We served over 10,000 people in just four weeks, distributing a more than 38,000 much-needed food and hygiene items to some of the worst affected communities in both urban and remote areas. At the same time, our new local partners became lifelong friends.

We’ve wrapped up operations for now, while we concentrate our efforts in existing Dignity Centres and scope out where else we are needed.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at what we achieved in just four weeks:

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