Selfish Altruist podcast with Bea Shrewsbury

Using hope to make a difference

In this episode, Paul talks to our new (returning) trustee Bea about her personal journey and the challenges and benefits of volunteering. From volunteering in Greece, to being our first trustee, to a trustee for a community sponsorship scheme, to our trustee again, she highlights the positive impact volunteering has had on her and the communities she serves.

We also talk about the importance of maintaining hope and empathy towards those in need.

With a focus on balancing commitments and staying true to the cause, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in making a positive difference in their community.

  • Gain valuable insights to help you become a better volunteer and community member.
  • Volunteering pros/cons, personal experiences
  • Pros/cons of settling a refugee family
  • Positive impact of community sponsorship, political activism
  • Importance of maintaining hope/empathy
  • Volunteering benefits for personal growth/society
  • Selfish motivations behind altruism

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