Selfish Altruist: Gerry – The power of community

Gerry is one of our Ambassadors and first volunteered with Refugee Support in 2019. He has returned every year since then to help out. Each time, it can take a couple of weeks to adjust back to normal life but after that he has a huge sense of positivity and a desire to continue:

He finds working with likeminded people, whatever their age, and getting things done extremely satisfying.

And volunteering with us isn’t all that Gerry does. He also serves as a volunteer on the board of a thriving local credit union and with his local church.

The most inspiring thing for us is the strength of Gerry’s community. He lives in a village in rural Ireland who have all got behind his volunteering. Together, they have raised an astonishing €100,000 over the last 4 years for Refugee Support.

Gerry and his community are an example to us all and show how helping others helps them.

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