RS Roundup 6 Feb

Annual report

We’ve just published our annual report for 2021-22. We achieved a lot in that period with a focus on:

  • Emergency essentials for people on the move: There’s a huge need for basics and essentials and our distribution method means anyone who joins us will be able to start making a difference immediately
  • Being a best in class volunteer organisation: Even emerging from the pandemic, 58 volunteers from 12 nations gave 1,500 days of their time to help in our centres!

And we are putting dignity and solidarity at the heart of everything we do. That means that when life has become chaotic, we offer people a sense of normality, solidarity, and agency.

Shopping at Nicosia Dignity Centre

In addition to this, some other successes and developments included:

  • Changing our operation in Cyprus where we supported 1500 people with a critical ‘welcome pack to rebuild lives’
  • Converting a derelict building in Greece into a thriving new Dignity Centre
  • Settling a Sudanese family from a Jordan refugee camp to the UK
  • As the year closed, opened our biggest operation ever in Moldova serving over 1000 Ukrainians every week

The full report and accompanying blog post can be found here.

More than essentials

It has been another active week at our centres in Nicosia, Cyprus and Chisinau in Moldova. At both centres, alongside distributing essential items to our customers we also offer spaces where people can reclaim a sense of normality, belonging and confidence whilst having fun.

In Cyprus, the Friday barbershop is one of the ways that we achieve this and last week our amazing barbers were fully booked!

And in Moldova we got a heart-warming review from one of the Members who visited us:

Feeling inspired to volunteer?

We have lots of information on what it’s like to work with us and the many ways that you can get involved including hearing from our fantastic ambassadors!

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